Residents of Denman Prospect have formed a mowing group to help keep verges and streetscapes looking good.

Generally, residents and owners are responsible for maintaining the Verge (Nature Strip) between their property and the street but not everyone can or does. In many cases, verges outside vacant blocks are also lacking maintenance.

Unmanaged verges often affect adjacent footpaths making them hard to pass, they accumulate litter, provide hiding spot for snakes, and simply look untidy. This is where our group of volunteers can assist other residents maintain their verges.

How we can help the community?

The group offers assistance to residents (where feasible) based on the following priorities

  • People who cannot maintain their own verges or lawns
  • People who cannot justify the expense of a mower to maintain a small area of grass
  • Other un-loved verges that are not the responsibility of CED/TCCS (see below)

If you fall into these categories or know someone who does, please request assistance below

How the community can help us?

  • Residents are welcome to join the group and contribute their time to help tidying up the streets. Please enquire below.
  • The group also accepts donations which will be put towards maintenance and replacement of equipment.

Equipment available

The group currently has access to the following equipment

  • Line trimmers
  • Edging tool
  • Leaf blower
  • Mower
  • Rakes, litter pickup tools

Equipment has been donated by CED, Communities@Work and group volunteers.

In future the group may be able to loan equipment to residents in the area.

Maintenance areas of responsibility

  • Capital Estate Developments (CED) – Developers of Denman Prospect
    • Denman Village shops
    • Display home precincts
  • Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) – ACT Government
  • Homeowners (or body corporate for housing complexes)
    • Verges and nature strips adjacent to their premises

Further information from the ACT Government

Request assistance or offer your help

    Parks and Reserves in Denman Prospect – Responsibility of TCCS