Frequently Asked Questions about Denman Prospect

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Capital Estate Development also have a FAQ page

What parks are available?

Like much of Canberra, Denman Prospect has many parks and reserves within and around it.

Key parks include:

  • Ridgeline Park – Access from Ada Norris Avenue
    • Major park with extensive playground equipment and seating
    • Plans are advanced for toilets, more shade and off-street parking
  • Marie Little Playground – Access from Greenwood Street
    • Features a half court basketball court and creative seating
    • Provides wheelchair access between Greenwood Street and John Gorton Drive
  • Trinca St Park – Above McMichael Terrace
    • Features handball and table tennis facilities
  • Temporary Denman Play Area
    • Carpark opposite Denman Village Shops

The area to the north of Holborow Avenue and the Denman Prospect shops contains many walking trails however access is limited due to clearing and earthworks of this next stage of development.

The Namarag nature space is located near Denman Prospect. Access is via the Butters Bridge across the Molonglo River.

There are currently no designated off leash dog parks in Denman Prospect. The closest are

Who can I report issues in Parks or public areas to?

Submit a Fix My Street form via the Access Canberra website

Email the Denman Prospect developer, Capital Estate Developments

Where can I find coffee nearby?

Are there any toilets in the area?

There are public toilets in the following locations

  • Denman Village Shop – Access via door or loading dock near Honeysuckle. Open during business hours.
  • Display suite, Kondelea Way – behind sales suite. Open selected hours.

Public toilets are under constuction in Ridgeline Park near the play ground

Mowing of Verges?

Generally, residents are responsible for maintenance of the Verge (Nature Strip) between their property and the street.

ACT Government City Services occasionally mow parks and adjacent verges according to their suburban mowing plan.

Residents of Denman Prospect have formed their own mowing group to help keep verges looking good, particularly in areas yet to be developed and maintained by residents.