The Denman Prospect Community Action Group is a group formed by Denman Prospect residents who would like to work together with other like-minded residents (and Denman Prospect based businesses/organisations) to create a safe, inclusive, sustainable and harmonious community that all residents can be proud to live in. The group’s administration is currently supported by Communities@Work.

The Denman Prospect Community Action Group welcomes participation from all Denman Prospect residents. You are welcome to participate on a regular basis or as time permits – whether it be in relation to a particular issue affecting the Denman Prospect community that you are passionate about or a broad range of issues that you would like to progress in making our community the best it can be.

The group currently meets on a monthly basis at the Temporary Community Centre at 37 Kondela Way. Even if you can’t attend a meeting, we are always happy to hear from Denman Prospect residents about any concerns, comments, complaint and/or ideas that we can try and help with.

You can get in touch with the group here