World Cleanup Day is this weekend!

The Denman Prospect Community Action Group is calling on all Denman residents to get out and about this Sunday at 2pm to help pick up rubbish and clean up our beautiful suburb.

We are still in lockdown, but we can still have a community activity as long as we follow all restrictions. So please make sure you are only picking up rubbish with other members of your household or a group of 5, physical distancing, and only spending 2 hours outside of the home for recreation on the day. Use common sense too – if there are already lots of people picking up rubbish in an area, try somewhere else.

Please bring your own gloves and bags (and rubbish claws if you have them) and dispose of any rubbish you find in your own bin.

Have fun, post photos of your efforts here and don’t forget to wave if you see others also doing the clean up!

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